About the Artist:

Aicy Karbstein

Aicy Karbstein is a contemporary American painter, born in Brazil. She paints from her heart and mind, and her positive approach to life helps her paintings express happiness, beauty and harmony.


As a teenager, she took art classes, including drawing of live models, at 'Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo'. She then went on to study Advertising, and worked as an intern in the Creation Department of an Ad Agency doing illustrations. Aicy’s fascination for painting has grown exponentially since then, with her passion fanned by exposure to several style of paintings, frequent visits to the Louvre in Paris, the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, among others.


While a business owner in the music entertainment field for two decades, she painted for hobby and as a healing meditative technique to relax and recover from the stress of the business world. After closing down her music business, she felt compelled to focus exclusively on fine art, and has compiled a large collection, painting professionally since 2014. Relying on various techniques to achieve her goals, a combination of Expressionism and Abstract are visible in some of her works, although she is currently known for her many Representational paintings.


Most of her works are in private art collections throughout the USA and in Brazil.

Those interested in viewing her full portfolio and the vast array of paintings and photographs, please visit the Gallery page, or at the Shopping page.


2020, Nov 6, 2020 to Jan 1, 2021, "Annmarie's Small Works Show & Sale", Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center, Solomons, MD

2020, Sept 12 - Nov 1, "Local Flair", Artworks@7th Gallery, North Beach, MD

2020, Sept 4 - Sept 30, "Leonardtown 7th Annual Art Walk", SMAC Gallery, Leonardtown, MD

2020, July 30 - August 30, "Art at The Rex", Leonardtown, MD

2020, March 20 - May 20, "International Guild of Realism Spring Salon"

2020 "SMAC- St Mary's Arts Council", Leonardtown, MD

2020 "All Women Artist", Contemporary Art Gallery online group

2019 "WMG-Woman Made Gallery-Small Works Show", group, 12/6-15, Chicago, IL

2019 "Contemporary Art Gallery"ALL Water/Seascape Art Competition and Exhibition

2019, May 4 - June 16, "Delaplaine Arts Center National Juried Exhibit", Group

2019, "ROAR-Realistic Oils, Acrylics, and the Rest", Group

2019 "Artist Salon" Online Group

2019 "No Place Like Home" Online Group

2019 "Water Forms" Online Group

2019 "What's New" Online Group

2019 "Art District" Online Group

2019-2018 "10 Plus" Online Group

2019-2018 "Your Story of Art" Online Group

2019-2018 "Vacations" Online Group

2019-2018 "Beauty in Art" Online Group

2019-2018 "Created by My Hands" Online Group

2019-2018 "Images That Excite You" Online Group

2019-2018 "Bedroom Art Gallery" Online Group

2018 "Contemporary Art Gallery" Online ALL Animal

2018 “Amazing Landscapes” Online Group

2018 “The World We See” Online Group

2018 “FAA Gallery” Online Group

2018 "World Art Spotlight" Online Group

2018 “Picturesque Neighborhoods of the World” Online Group

2018 "Paints and Art Photography" Online Group

2018 “Art is Art” Online Group

2018 “Poetic Poultry” Online Group

2018 “Pretty in Pink Blue or Purple” Online Group

2018 “AAA Images” Online Group

2018 “Silhouettes” Online Group

2018 “Pretty Handmade Art” Online Group

2017 “Winter Wonderland” Online Group

2017 “Pretty in Pink Blue or Purple” Online Group

2017 “Images That Excite You” Online Group

2017 “Art is Art” Online Group

2017 “Created By My Hands” Online Group

2017 “Glimpses of Autumn” Online Group

2017 “Art District” Online Group

2017 “Boats” Online Group

2017 “Sailing Vessels” Online Group

2017 “All The Roses” Online Group

2017 “Pandas” Online Group

2017 “Fuzzy Warm and Soft” Online Group

2017 “Groovy Butterflies” Online Group

2017 “Amazing Abstracts” Online Group

2017 “Figurative Abstraction” Online Group

2017 “Abstract Photography and Paints” Online Group

2017 “Visual Arts for Home and Business” Online Group

2017 “Flora” Online Group

2017 "Artist's Atelier, Alexandria, VA, Solo

2015 “Local Color Old Town”, Alexandria, VA, Solo

2015 “Jeymi Salon”, Alexandria, VA, Solo

2014 “Rami Salon", Alexandria, VA, Solo


10/22/2020, The County Times

08/2020, "Meet The Makers", SMCAC

08/12/2020, Fine Art America

07/10/2020, Fine Art America

11/18/2015, Old Town Post


October 2020, First Place Award for the 2020 Leonardtown Art Walk Contest (1st Place)


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Jack Lynn

Michael Slater

Monica Bermudez

James Lake

Randall McDonald

Chris Gentile

Penny Douskalis

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IGOR-International Guild of Realism

NOAPS-National Oil & Acrylic Painters' Society

WMG-Woman Made Gallery, https://womanmade.org/artwork/aicy-karbstein/

IA&A-International Arts and Artists, Supporting Member

GAHMUSA-German-American Heritage Museum, Associate Member

NAWA-National Association of Women Artists, Inc, Associate Member

SMAC-Saint Mary's Arts Council

St. Mary's Chamber of Commerce 


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